Al-Andalus Software Development (ASD) is a Software and Information Technology firm established in 2000 in Palestine. ASD specializes in the field of management, financial and business enterprise Information Systems design and customization.

ASD has more than 14 years of working experience with major Telecom operators in the region. ASD has extensive experiences in system integration especially for telecom companies.

ASD has many Telecom solutions, such as:

  • Perfect Postpaid Collection System.
  • Perfect Discount & Refund Customer (DRC) System.
  • Perfect Point of Sales (POS)  System.
  • Perfect E-voucher & E-top-up solution.
  • Perfect  Interconnect Billing Solution.
  • Perfect Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).

Arabecom is the telecom hand of Al-Andalus Systems, and working together to help Arab operators to improve their profit bottom line, and to decrease their costs efficiently.