MENA Network Performance Conference (MNPC 2015)

With the mobile broadband is driving the mobile market today throughout the world, while revenues from speech are either declining or staying flat, service providers need to learn how to develop and maintain a cost-effective network while enhancing customer perceived quality.

The price cut and affordability of smart phones today, has revolutionized the data usage in today’s mobile networks, driving providers to rethink strategies on how to optimize a network for various data applications with different performance demands while maintaining good coverage and speech quality to their customers on 3G and legacy networks.

The topics introduced will address how to effectively gauge the network Key Performance indicators (KPIs), how to use them to optimize the network, and add capacity to the network.

Operators are also required to provide an end to end reliable service for their customers. There will also be a need to look at service reliability within current fault management system and how to make proactive strategies to predict service outages.

In addition network migration strategies best practices and lesson learned will be also discussed to plan steering current networks for LTE or future 5G technology.